book review: book you hate reading to your child

Mamakat’s writers workshop this week had as one of its topics a book review … reality I don’t hate reading it coz its ugly but simply coz I have read it so many times that I practically know it by heart and whenever I grab the book for him to read I start yawning so much I find it hard to concentrate. Has this ever happened to you?

Other than that the book is fantastic and its Dr Suess’s In a People House. This was originally a book my mum had bought for me and my sister and apart for us two, it also have undergone my sister’s children attention before ending at my house. So although it can get boring, I love the book….its a love/hate relationship…what else can I say.

And how about you any books which you truly hate or just can’t take it to read any longer?


5 thoughts on “book review: book you hate reading to your child

  1. Oh how I can relate with the whole yawning thing. Kids love consistency and part of that is reading that one book they love soooo much that you could read it without looking. Stopping by from Mama kat's writing prompt.


  2. My little one is still at the try-to-grab-and-eat-the-book-instead-of-listening stage. I'll be so happy when she's past that. I LOVE children's books. And I have a fairly high repeat tolerance. So hopefully I won't get too fed up with any one book.


  3. How can anyone not like Dr. Seuss? It beat all the Richard Scarry books the Son loved.

    (I'm probably biased since I actually met Theodore Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss, in college.)


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