Gregory is walking

Two weeks before his first birthday!
Last week, he started doing two steps unprompted by us and by the time weekend arrived he was doing 5. This morning he crossed a whole room all by himself to come near me without me calling him or anything!

I am so proud of you puppy! and whenever I see that huge smile of happiness on his face- smug with achievement I feel like I am in the air 🙂

Now only his teeth are still missing….maybe I should contact the lost and found department!


7 thoughts on “Gregory is walking

  1. Ha ha ha Melissa, you're as excited as I can't imagine how…:)

    I was like that too, 19 years ago as my eldest is now 19 years old…there is that boundless joy one can feel once her kids shows lots of improvement in motor skills!

    I join your excitement Melissa…:)

    May you spend the rest of the week with your precocious Greg with much fun!


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