Am in bed next to my sleeping puppy. Its been a busy week so far. Thankfully after a week of rain the sun was out shining today…it felt like Spring and loved it. Looks like the sanctuary dogs loved it to as they all lazed in the sun quiet. I enjoyed it more than usual my time there today – maybe the Spring weather did it all as I felt calm, relaxed, at peace……I cleaned their water bowls thoroughly and patted those which snuggled near and played with the ones that offered balls to be thrown for them. Time passed quickly there, it was exhausting and yet felt completely happy.

Now looking forward to tomorrow…its time again for the mum & baby club and we will share cup cakes for Greg’s birthday 🙂

Hugs to you all, may happiness envelop your sleep and warmth snuggle you in bed. May you wake up full of praise and smile throughout your day!


4 thoughts on “smiles

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You don't have to have TV to enjoy the greatness of Andy Samberg. I'm pretty sure there are clips of his stuff all over the internet if you just google it 🙂


  2. What an inspiring post Melissa and I admire your positive outlook in life!

    Have a great cupcakes sharing on your cute Greg's birthday.

    Wish we're neighbors and I'd be there!

    Have a wonderful day!


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