It rained, but we had loads of fun!

It was quite last minute this party….I hadn’t intended to really do one, but than I couldn’t not do him a little something with his sweet little cousins! So we did the party. IT rained a lot yesterday…maybe to remind us that a year ago it to was raining! Today it’s a nice sunny day again and we will go out later on to try our new tricycle given by nanna Rita 🙂
Greg enjoyed his day, looks like he knew it was HIS own personal day – he woke up at 4 am, napped only for an hour all day and loved every second with lots of smiles and laughs and hugs…..I can say that it was the best day I had for a long time and the party was the best ever I attended.
Here we are cutting the cake! In Malta we also have a tradition called quccija

Basically on their first birthday you select things which could mean trades like for example book for librarian or writer etc you put these on the floor and it is said the first 2 objects he grabs will be his work when he grows up. There is only a video of this, but Greg grabbed the rosary- so he can be a priest and the credit card-banker? I will await anxiously to see if these predictions will come true!

And here are some more pics….

hmm ma said its cake

ugh disgusting!

now wine…thats much better!


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