so much to teach and show

Sometimes, I am at home reading a book or an article on parenting and it overwhelms me how much there is that we need to look at and take care of so that our children are brought up whole, happy, confident…..

It seems impossible that I/we can do all of that…. and yet, I know we can and we will. Maybe it won’t be perfect but we will give our best and that is all our child(ren) need…knowing we did our best for them. Knowing that there are so many others likewise going through all this gives me strength…I know I can come online and read your posts and feel safe knowing that we are doing right and not alone in this journey. That through all of the blogging world I can find support and help when needed šŸ™‚

Thank you for being there and for helping with our parenting journey!


4 thoughts on “so much to teach and show

  1. Sure Melissa, you can also count on me…:) feel free to keep in touch with me and I will be there for you!

    Parenting is such a herculean task. Doing it with flying colors is sure a big achievement for parents like us!




  2. Here, here… it is such a mammoth task and I have found it such a comfort to be able to read the thoughts and journeys of others with their children, particularly since finding myself raising two kids alone after last year.

    It can be worrying at times and I often wonder if I'm doing a good enough job then I find I end up telling myself that I'm doing the very best job I can, my children are happy, looked after and well loved.

    Many thanks to you for visiting me and leaving me so many wonderful and supportive comments, you have helped me to feel less alone too. Blessings x


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