As I mentioned last week, we are now in carnival week in Malta and we also have a special raditional sweet for this. Its called a prinjolata and originally I thought it would be disgusting, but found the recipe and tried it out and it is very nice and light and from the pic above it looks lovely no?
So here is the recipe:
200gr butter
100 grs slivered almonds
150gr icing sugar
2tsp vanilla essence
sponge cake
candied peel, cherries and melted choc to decorate
So beat the butter till it comes looking white add the essence, sugar and almond and beat till combined. In a pudding basin, put slices of the sponge and alternate between sponge and butter cream. Leave overnight in the fridge to set. The next day do more buttercream as needed, and cover the outside. Sprinkle the candied peel, cherries and choc and you have your carnival sweet!



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