Maltese Carnival

The previous day the weather was rainy and cloudy and windy so thought the whole festivities will be cancelled. But come Saturday, the day was lovely and warm and spring was in the air again. Although not our usual scene as carnival not our favourite, we made our way to the capital to see the festivities. Greg seemed a bit confused when we got there and at one point with the loud music started crying but soon after he enjoyed the day out and finally slept in the sling exhausted & happy. See all the pics below! king of the carnival
what the f…

children in costumes

sweet sleep


6 thoughts on “Maltese Carnival

  1. Your blog is looking so lovely, Melissa!! It's great to see these pictures of carnival and to reminisce about Malta…. We miss it! Gregory is looking so big and strong, such a wonderful bright and well-loved boy!! You are so fortunate. Good luck in reconciling your faith this Lent, I think there is so much in Catholicism that is worth understanding and grappling with. A lifelong journey, perhaps! All the best to you guys, xxxx


  2. Looks like fun. I love the expression on Greg's face.
    I like to take Jack to parades and stuff. It's a good way to get out and experience new things and see our neighbors that we might not see regularly!


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