Theological Zoology – what’s next?

In light of my trying to discover God in my life and Lent and all this stuff, I came across a very interesting article titled: What Animals Can Teach Us About God. And believe it or not there is now an Insititute of Theological Zoology – here is part of this article which made me smile and think and wonder….

Jesus Was Not a VegetarianThe Instititute has certainly set itself into the
middle of a raging battle. Is it possible to understand the scientific
viewpoint, and re-interpret the Biblical writings in light of these discoveries?
The conflicts drive Hagencord to seek answers. For example, how can we
understand the animal world in relation to the Garden of Eden when we look at
the condition of animals living in their own manure, never seeing the blue of
sky, and suffering to breath under their own growth-hormone induced weight? Do
animals have souls? And can a person with Christian views eat meat? On this
point Hagencord does not hesitate. “The Biblical texts in this regard are clear:
Jesus was not a vegetarian


4 thoughts on “Theological Zoology – what’s next?

  1. okay…my first instinct is crrrraaaazzzy…but I haven't read enough and that short article was not enough information to understand what this institute is all about. So I'm just going to wonder just what this guy is thinking….


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