herb garden

Since I got married, we have created a small roof top garden which supposedly had to have all herbs. Unfortuantely, I never really cared for it as it should be and so the only herbs I got living at the moment are thyme & rosemary. However, I have been dedicating a bit more time to my little garden and feel uplifted and happy when I stay potting around there. So have decided to give it another go and actually go even a step further and try cultivate a few veggies as well. I will keep you in progress with what happens there every now and then. As for now I am off to find some help on how to make my dream garden come true and beautiful 🙂


4 thoughts on “herb garden

  1. Good luck! My neighbor has an herb garden and I LOVE it when she shares a sprig or two with us. It makes such a difference in the flavor of dishes with fresh herbs! My favorite is dill on fish and of course basil for Italian dishes (our family favorite).


  2. Trying being a green thumb dear? That's great…and I encourage you to pursue with fervor…he he he…:)

    Me, too, am a green thumb and I always feel a delight watching my ornamentals grow, but now due to limited or even no apace at all for gardening, I've totally stopped. Gardening gives calming effect and is therapeutic dear…:)

    Good morning, and hugs to Greggy!!!


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