snipets and random thoughts

Had a tiring week! Not that I did anything different from usual but my monthly cycle started again (which sucks). Its been so long that I had forgotten all the symptoms and frankly only now I realise why I’ve been feeling lethargic, sad, sensitive, hungry and so on. Anyhow, I don’t suppose anyone is interested in my PMS really are you?

So to change completely the subject, tomorrow I am off on a 2 week ( or maybe better say 2 day split on 2 weeks) course on food handling and next I will be doing a pastry course and maybe by the end of it I will be a pastry chef ha! It’s an interesting course and something I love doing and wish to excel in it and so why not and given that it is certified and so can really work in the sector if I want to it is even better. The best of it all is that the government together with the EU are giving these courses for free!!

Also this Sunday is my parents’ 34 wedding anniversary- my parents met when my mum was 14 and my dad 16. They married 2 and a half years later and emigrated to Canada. After 10 years or so there, with me being just 2 and my sister 5, they came back home to Malta. There has been a lot of ups and downs and are actually passing a very difficult and sad moment in life but they have passed all advercity and are still joined together in holy matrimony and for that I am ever so grateful!

This week I haven’t been much on the internet and only for short moments but will promise to comment on your blogs soon.

Have I told you that the weather here has been good most of the winter or maybe I can say extended spring? and that the temps at the moment have been between 20 and 24 degrees celcius most days? I still can’t quite believe it myself!

I wish you all a colourful weekend!


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