Today I don’t normally post or actually check the blogs but had a few minutes and I simply couldn’t not have a peek at the blogging world. Well maybe it was a sign coz I found this beautiful award given to me by Amity @ dreams are my reality. Thank you so much for this wonderful award and now I have to choose 10 other bloggers to pass it on to!
Although its meant to be 10 I am only choosing 8 bloggers which I feel deserving of the award and without further ado…

  1. Alicia @ It aint easy being cheesy
  2. Karie @ The Five Fish
  3. Magaly @ Pagan Culture
  4. Madmoiselle Deva @ Always Carried Away
  5. Mrs M @ I’ve changed my name to mommy
  6. Michel @ Pumpkins & Toadstools
  7. Heidi @ Wonderwoman wannabe
  8. Marie @ All access pass to Jack

8 thoughts on “Award!

  1. Congrats 🙂 a very well deserved award, you always brighten my day when you stop by and visit.

    And thankyou so much for passing it on to me! Blessings x


  2. This is such a beautiful award, the theme and color are absolutely amazing. You deserve it my darling and thank you so much for nominating me for it too. You rock! I'll display it in Pagan Culture tomorrow!

    P.S. Sorry it took me so long to claim. I kind of just found the message. Silly me 😉


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