I also received this award from Heidi @ Wonder woman wannabe this weekend – thank you so much Heidi! The rules are: list 6 things you are a master in and pass it to 6 other bloggers….

6 things I am a master in (or hope I am quite good at)

  • master of yoga – its my passion and I do some almost everyday
  • master of reading – i loooooove reading and hubs always complains that I read too quickly!
  • master of baking – its another passion of mine making lovely goodies
  • master of organising – this is very important- you must be organised especially with kids
  • master of positive thinking – if you ain’t positive the negative will attach to you so always think positive!
  • master of dancing – alas its the least thing I do 😦 but its makes my adrenaline go high when I dance

6 blogs I decided to pass it on to:

Roxane @ It really is all about me
Amity @ Dreams are my reality
Jessica @ This is worthwhile
Sassy chica
Christi @ living green in a colourful world


5 thoughts on “again?

  1. Thanks Melissa…:)

    What a challenging award!

    I am so challenged with it!

    Now my mind is racing wild, trying to decipher what things I should have mastered!

    Cute award, too!


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