friends are special so important they make the world go round..

It’s going to be hard saying good bye in a weeks’ time. Something I’d be happy to skip. You have made this past year better for us for many reasons which I am sure you know. We discovered that in the end we are actual friends and not just cousins living far away from each other sending emails now and then. We know that given the opportunity we’d be prefect travel companions. We know that there is a lot more to learn about each other but not enough time to do so!

My heart fill wrenched writing this and I feel like crying 🙂 I have finally found a girl friend for real….someone who listens, who cares, who enjoys hearing my stories even if they are not of direct interest to her. I will sorely miss you and all that I can say is may your wandering souls bring you back to Malta to live. May we have the opportunity to bring up our children together and may we share all our worries, fears and joys.

Hugs and kisses to you!


5 thoughts on “friends are special so important they make the world go round..

  1. Good morning Melissa;

    Oh I feel emotional too with this post of yours…It's both a happy and sad feelings for us when we find long lost friends and even relatives who once have been part of our growing up years…

    I pray that God will answer your heart's desires…

    I am up early today as I am rehearsing a speech that am gonna deliver, four hours from now as president of federation of homeroom parents, teachers and employees association in my son's school.

    I am excited for you as Greg will also be in school and who knows you will also be president of parents like me.

    Looking forward to that day and may our friendship remain through the years.

    Hugs to Greg!



    P.S. The award, am gonna claim it tomorrow or tonight. Thanks again!


  2. Mel,

    You and David have truly made this year extremely memorable. We had such great times with you guys and are also so very sad to be leaving Malta. I wish our goodbyes could be left at see you next weekend rather than see you in a year or two. If we could we would stay here forever and continue enjoying great times together :).

    You have become my best friend and I'm so happy for that. I will miss you more than words can say. I will just have to look forward to seeing you again soon!! Thank you for posting this blog…it's the sweetest thing any friend has ever done for me.

    You hold a special place in my hear and will have that place forever 🙂

    Your cousina and friend Priscilla


  3. I'll miss you dearly, but you'll send me email every once in while, right? I understand it is a hard thing to do, to say goodbye, but if it makes you happy and it makes your life a bit easier then enjoy it. I'll keep you in my thoughts and don't forget that my invitation stands if you ever come to NYC. Something else, are you staying connected through another blog? Website? If you are let me know, I'll pop in every once in while.

    Humongous hugs and kisses to you and your precious little one!


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