It finally arrived!

Gregory’s first tooth finally made an appearance and you can’t know the joy I felt….I had nearly given up on these teeth to start showing and just now while giving him some yogurt I felt a tingling and when I checked sure enough there was one sweet tooth.

Although generally they say its the bottom ones that come out first Greg’s is the top middle on that came out 🙂

YAY – what a sigh of relief!


6 thoughts on “It finally arrived!

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog! 🙂

    Ah, that first tooth… totally memorable! I had many half-fuzzy blurry photos of a little white peeking out of his gums! Haha! 🙂


  2. Hooray! Congrats on the newest milestone! 😉 A friend of mine has a little boy that also got a top tooth first as well…then, the next one he got was a bottom tooth on the opposite side – he had QUITE the smile for a bit! 😀


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