Become a treehugger

When I went to the Amazon, I was in awe at the huge majestic trees surrounding me. Have you ever wondered how these trees (which I may add are rutlessly destroyed) are important to our eco-system? A friend of mine illustrated this image which can be found on the US Environmental Protection Agency web site which shows clearly this important process.

Forests act as a major carbon store because carbon dioxide (CO2) is taken up from the atmosphere and used to produce the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that make up the tree. When forests are cleared, and the trees are either burnt or rot, this carbon is released as CO2. This leads to an increase in the atmospheric CO2 concentration. CO2 is the major contributor to the greenhouse effect. It is estimated that deforestation contributes one-third of all CO2 releases caused by people.

So here are some tips to reduce deforestation:

  • If possible by wooden products which are FSC certified that show they have been made from a managed forest.
  • Don’t print unnecesary papers
  • Re use papers which are not needed anymore to put your grocery list for example. Other papers not needed anymore can be sent to recycling
  • Plant a tree! In Malta we have the 34U Campaign which for a small charge the government will plant a tree on your behalf at a public place of your choice. Otherwise just buy your own tree and plant it in your garden!
  • Last but not least go to the rainforest site and click daily to save our rainforests. Its free and it only takes a second to do!

So go on become a tree hugger, spread the love….your help will be a legacy which will survive long after you have gone!


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