more of Gozo

As promised here are more pics from our 2 nights there and some more info..

Ta Pinu Shrine

Azure window from the boat

wedding anniversary family pic


We stayed at the Downtown hotel in Vctoria which I recommend as wonderful! We than visited The Citadel and Victoria which I always enjoy whenever I go there! The following day we went to the Ta Pinu Shrine, this beautiful Church has a painting of Our Lady whcih is said to do miracles when people pray to her. In fact there is a whole corridor with paintings, casts etc of people who left their stories there of how Our Lady helped them. We also visited Dwejra and its Azure Window which makes a wonderful walk and swim! We took a boat ride there which cost us peanuts. Last but not least we went to Xlendi…now this is meant to be a fishing village but to me it doesnt ressemble one! However the wonderful walk you can do there and scenery is breath taking!


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