LLLI | What is Gentle Discipline?

I am doing my best to be a postive disciplinarian, here is a good article explaining about this! LLLI What is Gentle Discipline?

It ain’t easy even if it is called positive or gentle discipline however I find I like it much more than traditional discipline……now first of all I need to discipline myself since I tend to over react and my temper flares!


One thought on “LLLI | What is Gentle Discipline?

  1. Hi Melissa;

    I feel bad being absent here for so long!

    Discipline? I love that word…my kids grew up to be fairly well bred because I simply gave them just the right amount of discipline! And today, I could only smile, they've grown up to be fine young men and woman in their teenage years now!

    Yes. I am also with you when you say traditional discipline is still best!

    Enjoy mothering dear! Greg will be a fine young man!


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