Random on Saturday

  • I haven’t been much around, but all is good! Been doing a lot of research on parenting as well as for mamascircle which I will be changing ever so completely!!
  • Gregory has been changing so much lately….he is suddenly making his wishes more understood with gestures and trying to repeat words at times (though still a while before he talks talks).
  • The sun is already too hot in Malta – I am so ready to go to the beach. Been most of April putting summer clothes already!

            • Been reading this book Going Home by Thich Nhat Hanh – its a spiritual book very well written on how the differences in religion are really just different ways of saying things. It explains them wonderfully and would truly recommend it as a good read!
            • the roof garden is blooming nicely and I am very pleased with my achievements and I also discovered how much I like pottering in my little garden.
            • I am working towards 2 goals-of being a mindful/aware mother and of creating a website full of natural parenting tips and eventually maybe be an LLLI and API local representative….it would be awesome!

            and you what have you been up to?


            2 thoughts on “Random on Saturday

            1. I am also a green thumb Melissa, I love plants and I do tender to them too.

              However, when space is no longer available infront of our house, I was quite disappointed and stopped altogether the hobby which now shifted to blogging, but before it, I was addicted to cross-stitching works and many of my outputs now hang on my home's walls…:))


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