Good Manners & children

Normally, we expect our children to say please and thank you etc but don’t practice them ourselves. We badger them with good manners but are not fans of it ourselves.

However children laern through imitation, so how can we expect a please and thank you if we don’t say them ourselves? I resolved that rather than requesting my son to say them upon my own prompt, to say them myself whenever appropiate and so he will start imitating me himself of his own steam as it should be.

What about you, what are you teaching your child through imitation? is it good or bad?


4 thoughts on “Good Manners & children

  1. Hi Melissa;

    yeah, when u realized u must set an example for Greg to imitate, that was right!

    for us at home, when our kids were in that stage when they are fast growing, imitating and learning, we'd always say, “good night baby, i love you baby”…and know what? till now as they are already teeners, would always say those words to us! Isn't that sweet?

    Btw, I wrote a poem on Mother’s Day dedicated to my mother and which I also dedicated to you; being also a Mom like me…please drop by to read! Thanks. Love, Amity…


  2. I'm observing more and more that if we lead by example with our children, they will indeed follow suit. My kiddos require a few reminders now and then, but if they see me acting in the way I ask/request them to perform it seems to flow out with much more ease and even spontaneously. My eldest is just now saying very kind, pleaseant, encouraging words all on his own, like, “Thank you for this dinner, Mommy.”
    “I love you all the way up to heaven”
    without any prompting whatsoever. Love that sweet boy – 🙂


  3. I don't have any babies (yet) but I do my best to remember my manners around my nieces and nephew. You are right children and even adults learn by example. I have seen some kids acting like fools and wondered why. Then I see the parent smiling thinking it is funny and find my answer.


  4. thats so true! we definitely need to lead by example. and rather than prompt them to say please and thank you, i praise them heavily when they do! its worked out wonderfully!


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