The circle of life

My eyes are burning, been feeling tired and not quite myself all day …..the weather doesn’t help much – grey, coldish wind, but no rain which is what we truly need!

My patience with Greg dwindles to nil at times and other times I manage to keep my centred calm self. Life right now is a roller coaster, I think we have touched a turning point- a point were the long ,nice, calm days are simply put over and we must challenge ourselves again till we find said balance once more.

This is our life, when we feel to be on the right track, something happens to side track us and gives us a new challenge to conquer.

Right now it all seems quite complicated and yet simplified….maybe I am trying too hard and so not getting anywhere or maybe I believe I am trying and in reality am not…..nothing really some quiet meditation won’t help to resolve but it will take longer till my centre gets established again for a few weeks.


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