My growing toddler

Greg has been blabbing for quite a long while now. For a long time he also had long conversations, serious ones mind on his own while pointing at this and that and nodding away his head!

Nowadays his single conversations take a funny outlook since he would be saying something and starts laughing his head off…I still wonder what he is saying. Sometimes I stay imitating him and he laughs even harder 🙂

Yet to our satisfaction he also started adding a lot of words to his vocabulary. Here are a few:

da (daddy)
bye (and if he wants you to simply go accompanied by vigorous waving)
dik/dak (this/that for whatever he wants)
doqq (ring)
Bah (gone)
Bah (for sea)
babu (snail)
Bambin (Jesus)
zizi (breast pls I need a fill up)

Apart for his vocabulary, he is now understanding loads and making himself understood. For example he points first to the candle and when you give it to him he comes to you gives it to you and points to the drawer while saying dik to the particular drawer where there are matches = light up that candle missus!
OR at 4 am wakes up as if its nothing points down the stairs and once you go there to the TV – come on man its time to sleep not watch TV!

He also is getting choosy on food and sometimes there is something to eat which once he tastes he simply throws out from his mouth disgusted (to think just a few months ago he used to gulp it down!).

Other toddler stuff – getting pig headed LOL I suppose its part of us humans but he does tend to get quickly angry over trifle things. At times I seem to be winning and other times it seems I can’t get head or tails of him. He also loves helping out in his way or rather feeling he is doing something like me and so if I am watering the plants he waters them as well after me with the watering can. If I am washing up dishes I get him a chair and a scrubber and he stays there scrubbing at the sink. He also enjoys standing on the chair while watching me preparing dinner. He also at times tries to imitate me washing teeth and so I give him the toothbrush everyday to get him round to do it eventually daily!

He is a great walker since he mastered the art of walking- he now already runs! I still can’t believe it when I see him running and he walks for ages without tiring up! Last time he walked what for us is normally a 20 mins walk with only 5 mins on me. I can only wear him for short periods now like for going quickly to the local grocer. He enjoys the swings- just the swings no slides etc and simply loves having us reading books to him.

Its a joy seeing so many changes in him and yet a headache trying to figure out ways how to teach him that hitting coz u r enjoying yourself is not ok but I know that we will get there a little pace at a time.

So thinking of these things today made me appreciate my son more….we tend so easily to forget or look at our children to enjoy them and understand them!


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