at 12-13weeks pregnant

Today I had my ultrasound which determined exactly how old is the baby….for those who are not aware, I still breastfeed and my cycle had just started when I got pregnant again and so we weren’t sure when the baby was due. That was solved as it seems baby should be born round about the new year , which is quite incredible.

This morning I was looking forward and yet terrified of the ultrasound for quite a stupid reason. In the first few weeks my tummy started showing that slight little bump quickly and than seemed to stop grow and I wondered if something was wrong. Thankfully everything looks normal and guess what- when I compared my weight gain with Greg’s at 11 weeks I was 62 kg and at 12 weeks I am now 61 kg so my worry of gaining quickly was completely unfounded.

Although most professionals will probably laugh at me, I am sure I can feel the baby move sometimes and believe me during the ultrasound this baby simply didn’t stop moving! he was summersaulting and kicking so much. I on the other hand am feeling quite healthy and happy and i am actually not dreading and worrying anymore about my growing tummy but actually enjoying it more for which i am soooo pleased. I am also working hard to getting a new yoga routine in place for me at home but isn’t so easy to do. My only downfall is how quickly I am tiring – me needing a nap in the afternoon was never heard of and yet when Greg premits it is what I am doing!

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer- more news soon!


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