Summer is my downfall

I love going to the beach but other than that Summer can simply not exist.

My energy level always drain when the heat starts soaring and so I look at my house, my family, myself and feel like things got abandoned way beyond recognition or acceptable levels. Now that I got down to really explore what my body can do in yoga and hopefully test this new routine later today, I believe that things will start moving again.

I decided to make to do lists for all areas of my life and start slowly slowly to elimate them one by one. Its going to take a lot of time but that is something I have and can control and looking forward to all the changes this might involve.


2 thoughts on “Summer is my downfall

  1. I hear ya! Only, I HAVE to be productive – getting ready to move in a few short weeks. 🙂

    Did you ever contact my yoga instructor friend that I emailed you about??


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