book parties

Today we attended a book party where me & Greg plus six other children had a short dance followed by a story, re-enactment of the story by flash cards than we had a bag full of toys that start with the letter C and in the end a craft project. It was wonderfully organised and enjoyed it myself.

However, my little boy isn’t prepared for such structured projects or at least not in a group. Besides it coincides with his nap time which although most of the time I do prolong it till later without problems he was not happy today to do so. It might also be the teething that was bothering him more than usual and include to that the Summer heat. Whatever happened to Greg today, he didn’t enjoy the class as he should have. I decided to try it again next week but if similar results happen I won’t go anymore and instead try to do something similar at home as it is a great way to get children to learn while having fun.

I admit I was more disappointed myself with what happened and for an insane moment felt like I was a bad mother coz my son was having a fit nearing to a tantrum (which I avoided) in front of others. I don’t know why or maybe yes…my self esteem is on the low right now and of course Greg can feel my uncertainty and lack of confidence which is reflected in him and so the ball starts to unravel quite quickly. Still I am quite thankful of this experience as it gave me some great ideas to do myself at home and to share with others.


One thought on “book parties

  1. This toddler age is so tough, isn't it? That does sound like a fun class – though I'd always choose bed for my kid at naptime or he's mr. meltdown!! 🙂

    You're a great mama to find ways to engage him in learning fun!


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