1.5 years

My puppy is growing so fast. Suddenly I am seeing so many changes within him it makes me smile.

  • Right now he’s mummy’s boy – won’t let me easily out of his sight
  • Loves watching Disney’s Cars
  • He is trying a lot of food even if he rejects half of them
  • His vocabulary is expanding everyday
  • Loves helping out with the sweeping, washing up, putting shoes in their cupboard & more
  • Enjoys himself immensely using poster colours (colour of which ends on every part of his & my body & floor not just paper) & crayons
  • And boy does he know to show when he is not happy with something?

Although sometimes you see what looks like defiance in him, I celebrate his new found independence and pushing of limits. I got more the hang of discipline to and some worked a treat instantly, others I am still waiting for it all to click in his mind- the cause and effect issue!

Also since doing my best to keep more to a routine I see more positiveness in him that keeps coming out waiting for me to help guide.

My Gregory at 1 and a half years!


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