A day in our lives – Summer 2010

5.30 – Greg woke up so obviously I woke up to even though I wished another half hour in bed! He went to play in his room while I started getting stuff together (we were going to the beach with grandma & cousins).
6.00 – down for breakfast; yoghurt for Greg toast for me. I gave him that while watching postman pat on DVD. Than I continued with the preparations while calling Dave down to his breakfast. Soon after got an sms from my mum saying little Rebecca had fever so no beach 😦 BUT since we were all ready & geared up I decided we should still go just me and my boy. So went to put a load going in the washing machine and at 7.30 left the house.
7.45- Got to Ghar Lapsi practically still deviod of any humans apart for a group of pensioners and fishermen. We went into the sea and Greg stayed watching out for crabs and snails and throwing stones and playing ring a ring a roses and playing ball. After an hour in the water we went for a snack and made our way to the other side of the beach were the fishermen come in. So we watched them bringing in the catch of the day and saw lots of fish swimming and many crabs. We again made our way back to where we left our stuff had a bit more snacks and headed one last time into the water.
9.45 – Made our way home and Greg slept on the way. On arriving I did my yoga routine, Bible reading, hanging of clothes, lunch and checked the emails. Just as I went upstairs to take a shower Greg got up hungry so gave him lunch, took a shower both of us, dressed and went off to see grandma Carmen.
12.45 – While I conversed with mum, Greg played with the toys she got at her home alone. Than we transfered to the small yard and he continued playing there. Round about 2 I took a sandwich and Greg decided he wanted one himself too! We then went to the garage to sort out some stuff there and later carried on to my own grandma’s home in the country.
Greg loves it there he played ball, ran after cats, watched bumble bees & butterflies and had long conversations with the plants LOL. Than he got hungry so gave him dinner there and after we went out again to play. We adults talked about this and that and when the need arose entertained Greg (but it wasn’t often he had lots to keep him occupied there!)
18.00 – Back at my mother’s place we found my dad had done dinner and it was nearly cooked. While it finished we peeled a bucketful of prickly pears which dad picked up and he played with Greg- chasing cats, dogs, looking at chicken and what not! We than sat to dinner and Greg decided he wanted some more food. After dinner we left and made our way home to Dave whom we left to enjoy a few hours of peace.
20.00 – Finally Greg felt ready to nurse himself to sleep so we all settled comfortably in bed and soon after we were all happily dreaming!

A wonderful day to remember 🙂


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