the picky eater

When we started weaning our little puppy, we were quite overjoyed. He’d try and practically eat anything you put in front of him- and the best part was that I didn’t puree but gave him food like ours straight away.

Come the end of that Summer and our boy went a couple of steps back. Started refusing a lot of food and mostly he’d suddenly want it pureed. It bugged me! Although I knew he was healthy and fine – the energy he had was proof enough- like any other parent, seeing your child not eating or eating little and being very picky is disturbing!

Fast forward to now. Gregory is eating again and eating galore. I have no idea when this happened but suddenly I realised that this guy is eating and trying again everything(except fruit- looks like he’sa t war with them). Sometimes what I present him doesn’t tickle his taste buds and so have to resort to one of his all time favourites but most of the time he takes what’s in the plate. The most funny thing is that he’d want the food to look like ours – that is if my meat isn’t cut up he doesn’t want his cut up and he won’t eat it if you do it anyway!

I wonder how this change slipped me and I didn’t see it coming. Still, it is exhilarating seeing him eat with gusto and appreciation.


3 thoughts on “the picky eater

  1. I can barely believe it, but I CAN relate! Our little princess loves to eat certain foods, but hates other and the hatred comes in stages. Now, she is at war with bananas and certain berries, but no one knows who won't get to come to her plate tomorrow.

    I'm glad little Greg is eating well again!


  2. There's really that stage when kids are picky Melissa…but in due time, it will change…as he is still very young…and sometimes when kids do not experience hunger pangs, he won't crave any other food…:)

    It's been a long time I am away in your blog, I missed my friend from Malta…:) Now am back… 🙂

    Have a beautiful Sunday Melissa!;)


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