Another first

It’s 6 am here, been awake an hour as Gregory woke up early despite the fact he slept at 9 pm. So while he ‘s watching Barney thought of updating you with our new first….

The pics ain’t the best but am sure you can see the face full of bumps! Going down some Church stairs his shoe caught at the last step and that was the result. I hope it all fades quickly I really don’t like seeing his face like he’s been into a fight 😦

Hope your weekend started on a better foot!


6 thoughts on “Another first

  1. Oh that must be awful and painful with Greg, what with all the bruises he got from the fall!

    Hopefully it will heal soonest. Any Mom could not really bear seeing their babies hurt and in pain like that!

    Hugs Greg!


  2. Poor little guy – it's always amazing how quickly they bounce back from injuries, I feel your pain though – Eli seems to always get his worst bumps/bruises on his face as well! :/


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