pray around the clock

Recently I visited a fellow blogger and she had this very inspiring post! She basically has got a granfather clock in their house which chimes every 15 minutes and she decided to give a small prayer to God whenever it chimes. She says she finds it quite frustrating that quite a lot of time when this clock chimes she is either angry with the kids, husband etc and yet it gives her a motivation to try more at being a better person.

Since I have re established my faith, I often wondered how I can remind myself of God throughout the day and give thanks to whatever he sends me. This post had the perfect solution. Although I don’t own a grandfather clock, I do own a mobile with an alarm and today, I have set it up to ring every 15 minutes. I have also found the perfect prayer for me Thank you God, forgive me God!

It will be interesting to see how many times it will ring finding me in a mad, bad or annoyed mood. Any other ways you find that helps remind you of God?


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