20 weeks already

Somehow, I am suddenly 20 weeks pregnant and it feels good to start the countdown. As much as I am calmer within this time round and haven’t got much growth issues, I simply can’t wait to have my body back and buy some nice clothes.

I have also been feeling the baby move….it has been for a long while really but they were so faint that sometimes I think I probably dreamed them. However today, well today I really felt it move!!

I also had my first hospital appointment or maybe I should rephrase that to date (7.30 t0 12.00!) – normally the hospital appt. I stay an hour to two max but this time oh boy and we had Gregory with us as we planned an outing after the hospital (which of course got cancelled!). My sweet boy was quite quiet in general and although he did ask for car (that is we leave) several times lol he was ok till the last few minutes while I was taking some blood samples and he got super tired and wanted mummy. This baby likes to move a lot more than Greg since he wouldn’t even let the dr hear the heartbeat with all the movement. No special news really apart the fact that although I should (well according to the drs) be 20 weeks, the baby is the size of 18 weeks. My weight gain is exactly like my previous pregnany but my stomach is showing this time round quite well whereas last time I was 30 weeks gone the size I am showing.

My SPD is quite ok since I am doing regular yoga at home and my dear hubs cleans the house for me. I will update you again in a month when I have my next ultrasound (unless anything exciting happens before!) and I promise I will post a pic of me to!


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