Children Art

My boy loves graffiti as you can see!  This trolley is meant to have blocks in but…..
His blocks are full of graffiti art as well!

Gregory’s passion with colours started quite recently, at first he wouldn’t glance much at them and suddenly he became totally engrossed.  He can spend the WHOLE day drawing away!  We have finally managed to convince him that drawing should be done on his colouring book (he started his 3rd one already!) although I have to remind him every now and then that blocks, other books & furnture are NOT for drawing!!  He has also progressed from doing random lines to do whole blocks of colour at a go and he holds his crayons with either hands so really he will probably learn to write with both hands.  I enjoy his love for art and can’t wait to reintroduce him to poster colour (that should be another post but the couple of times I let him have a free hand with those…well everything got painted on from his body, to curtains, floors etc ).
Here he is totally engrossed drawing his butterflies.

3 thoughts on “Children Art

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Am back! Sorry for the long absence, I might have missed a lot now…:)

    I was smiling with this post of yours, which reminds me of my kids when they still like Greg….yes, all of my three kids are fond of graffiti too….never mind if it's a bedroom wall, a cabinet, or whatever their hands could lay or touch with their crayons…:)

    But then, it was kind of a development of their brain and motor skills, hand grips, like that!

    Just encourage him, soon he will make awesome outputs!


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