Touching my days

I realise that my last posts have all been related to Gregory.  Yet you have to concede that there are times in our lives where some things grip our attention more firmly than usual and this is one of them!

His recent developments really put me in awe and being pregnant seems to enhance my view of my first born.  I am there seeing him everyday- blessed to be able and do so- and everything strikes me in a way it hasn’t before.

Sometimes, I wonder how everything will change with the new arrival and how Gregory will take to it.  Most of the time I let the worrying out of the window, because what is the point in doing so if I have really no idea!  I can read till my eyes squint about the subject but truly every child responds differently and every parents’ approach is different as well and so I decided that now I have done my homework, to let instinct do the rest 🙂

And now that the temp. has gone slightly down and I can breathe again, I will simply enjoy my last few months with him alone.  It’s a bittersweet moment knowing that soon he will not be the centre of my universe any more.  However, life is a celebration of inconsistencies and as such I will let it into my door and breathe in the new era. I will stumble and fall but will finally find my footing and some balance will return and that is what we are always looking for !

I hope you all have a good week.  Love and Peace to you all!


2 thoughts on “Touching my days

  1. Aww I remember that time of wonder and anxiety. Don't worry you'll do fine with two and they will learn to love (and fight!) each other.

    Thanks for commenting on my SITS day. I admire you for tandem breastfeeding. I've finally weaned my 18 month old and it went fairly smoothly (well apart from the sore lumpy boobs!).

    from Babes about Town


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