It’s a…….

…….dang I ain’t gonna tell you !  See although the ultrasound technician assured me that it’s defenitely a…….. and deep within me I also felt the same, I have this phobia of things done prematurely and gone wrong.  So unfortunately I will keep you all in suspense for another 3 months.  I will also not dwell about it and make believe that I do not know as if there was a mistaken identity I know I will take it super badly!

Do not despair however, things are going fine I was told.  I do feel it kicking, summersaulting, backflipping and God knows what else.  I also am growing steadily and here is a pic of me at 22 weeks – though frankly I think in the pic I came looking smaller than I actually am and maybe I should take a pic of my bare tummy LOL.

My complaint of the month (or rather the whole of Summer)- tiredness!  I assure you I never felt so much tired in my whole life….granted I have a toddler to keep up with but really even if he plays alone and I am sitting nearby just watching I eventually get very tired and by 8pm I am normally asleep.  Today is a good day as you can see since I am still chatting along!!  My PSD has had a couple of days of utter discomfort but I am hoping that will be back to normal by the coming weekend.  Nothing much else to report on my pregnancy really so here is a pic of the whole family instead :


6 thoughts on “It’s a…….

  1. I have to say that is one of the most beautiful pregnancy pics. That one is frame-worthy for sure.

    Glad to know everything's going smoothly! Can't wait to find out what the baby is!


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