1000 graces from God- No 3

I tend to belittle my husband.
It happens so automatic that most of the time I don’t even know I am doing it.
However, there are those revealing moments where you hear yourself, your tone, your implications and it made me feel sad.  And more sadder that only once in a while I get any comments re this from hubby.
I realise I am a very lucky woman- I’ve known this fact for a long while- but putting this into perspective I am very lucky indeed.

God showed me the wrong I am doing and like I am nurturing my son to become a better person, I will do my utmost to bring more happiness to my husband.  I mostly used to think that our problem is communication, however I think it might be more stemming from my own ways and I will strive to make life a better place for all of us.  God’s graces are incredibly more clear since I started this challenge and although I am still a long way from 1000, I know He is with me all along the way.

Thanks my dear hubs for all the love you offer me even when I reject it!


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