1000 graces from God – No 4

Both me and Greg were tired today!  We didn’t have a good night and he didn’t manage to sleep come nap time.  By 4 pm we were both exhausted!  I complained with anyone I met and talked to and even got angry at hubs for asking me just a couple of questions. I am tired a said irritatingly, don’t ask me anything just let me be.

As usual I was shown how ignorant and ungrateful I am. 

There are people who do body breaking work daily, whose plate is fuller than mine most of the time and yet, they just trudge along and keep their faith that one day it will be better.

So feeling ashamed of myself, I thanked God for another blessing- a good day even though we were tired and tantrum proned.  Than I came here to tell you all about it and eat some nutella pick me up!

What blessing was it showered your way today?


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