A day in Autumn 2010

Today its a good day!

We finally managed to sleep so woke up well rested albeit still earlier than usual. It was raining cats and dogs and that gave me a smile.  It was coldish and for the first time although not quite necessary put on long sleeves. Can you see my smile growing wider?

Round about 8 am it wasn’t raining anymore thought still completely cloudy and decided for a short walk.  Greg was ecstatic about the rain- seems he loves the wintry weather just like mama.  I felt a springy touch to my foot.  The crisp, clean air was great, the snails coming all out looked great, the green grass everywhere looked great.  We had a ball!

Back home we watched some TV, played, sang, ran around and drew.  After lunch we both dropped off for a nap and while Greg is still napping I woke up feeling still outta space.  As soon as my pup wakes up I decided to try my hand and pumpkin carving…halloween is still far off but then here we don’t really celebrate it…only its a fun thing to try and get Greg interested in.

How is your Monday faring?


2 thoughts on “A day in Autumn 2010

  1. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad to see you are trying the pumpkin carving thing! We love it here and are planning to do ours this weekend! I am a follower now and would love to have you follow me.


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