1000 graces from God 12 -17

God grants peace when we let it in his hands.

So our everlasting conundrum of Greg waking at 3 am and can’t fall asleep without the breast and normally now not quite sleeping but just enjoy its comfort in quiet snugness, has been solved.  i have placed it in God’s hand – I can’t and won’t actually force my child into something against his nature.  As I was advised this is the next step before weaning themselves completely out of the breast.  Greg will probably wean himself before the baby is born.  He sleeps without it, he just needs it early morning.  I looked at it in a different perspective,  God showed me how the breast time had become a routine and now is a valued moment of closeness- grace 12!

We’ve been meaning to do our bedroom for 2 years now.  But it never worked out.  Me & Dave, have been the most connected recently I feel and are now nearing completion of the bedroom saga.  I looked at it recently as a way that God helped us to reconnect and become closer and when the bedroom is finally done, we’d be on the right track- grace 13!

14 – feeling your kicking child within
15- growing bellies
16 – family moments
17 – being able and willing to show love


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