Sick – Joyful moments

We’ve been sick with colds.

After a week inside, we were impatient to go outdoors and although the weather ain’t good, I wrapped us well and went to the garden nearby.

Greg was estatic to say the least and seeing him jumping in the dead leaves and running from me as I threw him grass was a joy.  The simple pleasures of life!  It made me see how an uncomplaining kid I got and how important it is for him to have outside time as much as possible.

He’s still waking at 4 am and although he tries, he doesn’t manage to sleep and in the end gives up.  The good thing is that we have eliminated the jumping on bed, requesting snacks, tantruming etc at this hour.  Still trying to find a solution but am calm about it- after all things fall into place quite quickly.

Tomorrow, I got my next gyni appt.- 30 weeks friends. the countdown is officially on!


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