What’s been happening with my kids!

I haven’t updated much on Greg or my pregnancy so with these few precious quiet moments decided to finally do so.

My big baby is growing suddenly way too quickly!  Since the weekend, he started counting (and I don’t mean just saying the numbers but actually count) up till 10.  It surprised me I have to say as he never seemed interested in them at all.  He can also recite the ABC’s though he doesn’t really match them with the actual letters and he likes help with them.  Also since this weekend, he is identifying the following colours: blue, red, brown, yellow, black & orange.  The amount of words he uses in his phrases is astounding and I must admit I lost complete count of them now.  We are at a stage were anything he eats is plain.  Plain pasta or rice mainly.  On the other hand he has tried and started eating sandwiches with cheese, eggs (in whatever form) & cookies (as long as they are plain white ones).  Enjoys plain milk or with ovaltine and is categorically refusing soups & meat and we still haven’t gone back to eating fruits unless its the organix pureed variety!  He simply enjoys being read to or told stories or sung to (especially carols right now!) and plays a lot with trucks & cars but nothing much else.  Another extra we have improved on is the cooking.  Most of the time he enjoys helping me stir and throwing veggies in the pots or doing dough or cutting up veg.  He still loves helping with the cleaning (but this is very mood oriented!) and last but not least he simply adores being outside and preferably in the country or where there is soil, flowers & plants to play with!  What I am not enjoying much is having him see too much TV but I am just too heavy and most of the time got no energy to do things with him.  Besides I can’t sit down comfortably or find any good position to stay in and in the end let him watch the blessed DVDs.

Character wise, he is a joy to be with (like with any child really).  However, although exploring his boundaries, I am significantly actively showing him what is acceptable and not- which is tiring in itself haha- and most of the time he accepts that authority and doesn’t tantrum much.  His sleeping improved and now sleeps till 5 am most nights.  But a slight change in the nighttime routine disturbs him alot so we keep mostly to our routine.  Next month he will be 2 and although we will also have the new baby, am looking forward to see other improvements.

As for the baby I have now 5 weeks left to wait.  Compared to Greg its already way too big.  And yes I do feel that its bigger and heavier and can’t wait to deliver it- I truly believe that having baby outside my body will improve a lot of things in my life right now- baby LOVES moving and does that most of the time.  Its already head down and although aware it can still turn around, I have my doubts it will.  These past two days started feeling it very low down making it more difficult to get up or sit down.  The pain has slightly increased though its still manageable.  Otherwise all is normal in our little world.  I felt for a while that baby will come early into the world and the nearer we get to the festive weeks the stronger the feeling….I wonder if it will truly happen.

Well that’s all folks! Wish you all a great week.


5 thoughts on “What’s been happening with my kids!

  1. You are so at the magical stage! I remember my first born at 2 – and there are days I wish for about an hour or two – I could hang out with him(as a 2 year old) again:) And being pregnant? I adored it – even at the end. That too is one of the most magical times of your life! When they are teens, you are so going to miss this:)

    Merry Christmas:)


  2. I LOVE this part of childhood! When my son started, it was amazing how quickly it kept coming! You must be soooo excited to meet the new little one! It was so different waiting to meet my second after having expeience being a mommy to the first!!! =)


  3. it's amazing how quickly they soak knowledge up, isn't it? my toddler is also counting and singing ABC's seemingly out of the blue!

    if only he had the same gusto when it came to potty training! ha!!


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