What a bummer I’ve been! – grace 38

Today I had a slap in the face!

I was reading a blog and about the difficulties they were going through due to his infidelity and her battle to restore their marriage.  While there I saw something that showed me a mistake I have done and realised that I had been silly in my expectations at the time and it was time to go back to square one.

So, although I am being ambiguous about this whole thing, I will re start afresh and set up my heart on firmer ground.

This is a new grace from God showing me the way when I loose it and am stumbling along.  I am glad to have been given this new opportunity and will thrive to make love work more than usual.


3 thoughts on “What a bummer I’ve been! – grace 38

  1. This is (admittedly) totally OT, but I saw you had mince pies in the oven on the last SITS post. My life has been all about mince pies this week. I made a batch last night, not as fabulous as I'd like them to be, even with the amazing mince I got my hands on. It's the crust. I need help with the crust. Do you have a good recipe? Are you using a cupcake tin or are you making full-on pies?

    You can see my mince madness at http://inkandvodka.com


  2. I think God works in a beautiful way. he leads us to the right places and on the blogsphere when we need to re-thrive something in our lives God send us the person or the post that we were looking for to start from square one.

    Thanks for stopping by because your post just taught me never to loose the track in life.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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