pre partum depression

Got a headache.
Am lethargic.
Big & slow.
3 weeks left.
Seems like a year.
Moaning when should be thankful.
Everything suspended.
tick, tock, tick, tock.
Waiting for the morning to pass.
Waiting for the afternoon to pass.
Sleeping till morning comes.
Redo the above process again.
This is a bad kinda “poem” and not exactly a happy one either.  It however reflects the disjointed feelings I have these days, even when thankful and enjoying the moment.  I look forward to the birth of this one- not really to meet the baby, but more to finally be able to live again.  Yes maybe I will be more tired caring for 2 and maybe my patience will be even more taut than usual and yet, I know as a certainty that life with the baby outside the womb will be much better, more fruitful, less tiring really (this chronic fatigue that no matter how much you sleep, relax and do nothing and so on can remove).

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