grace no 49 -the anger challenge

I am humbled by my son.  He shows me how the grace of God works in young children and how we as parents tend to twist it and deviate all their good intentions.

I admit I am anger prone and although my patience and my control increased drastically with the birth of Gregory, I tend to have quite a few outbursts.  This pregnancy especially stretched my limits way too much and been having more outbursts than before which bugs me a lot and yet couldn’t control myself.

So while thanking God for a son who comes for reassurance even after I shout and scream like a maniac, I decided this is the year where I curb my anger once and for all.  It’s been a good week things considered, however we did have a major meltdown today.  It made me feel really bad about it and I hope to be back on track tomorrow.

Also decided to put up weekly posts (I hope) about this challenge just to help me keep track and possibly for encouragement 🙂


One thought on “grace no 49 -the anger challenge

  1. Children are the purest things, aren't they? They don't understand what most adult mean half the time, but they understand Nature and the Divine. I'm glad your baby gives you the strength you need to fight for calmness.

    Many hugs for 2011.


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