Splitting up

Being a mother of two is not an easy job.
Right now Maya isn’t really demanding of her time since she sleeps most of the time, however, splitting in two to give each their required time is a heart breaking experience every time.  Especially if they are both crying and you need to prioritize who is more important at the time.

I do not feel like I am a good mother right now.  I am doing my best and I am coping well.  however, there is something within me that makes me sad and horribly anxious and because of this all the family is suffering.
I am probably asking too much to have us settled within two weeks of Maya’s birth, yet it would be nice to feel more firm ground.

I try and leave my worries in God’s hands but its very difficult to just do that and so I pray- pray that my patience will grow, my anger will dwindle and my love overwhelm the whole family.


One thought on “Splitting up

  1. You're doing wonderful, dear girl!

    It does take an adjustment, to be sure. I LOVE the name you chose!! That was at the top of *my* list for girls. 🙂

    Pay attention to your emotions at this time. If you continue to feel extreme anxiety, you might consider if you may be dealing with PPD. I say this out of concern for you, and from personal experience. I suffered Post Partum with my 2nd born. He was quite the fuss pot, so it was initially difficult to be sure if my feelings were in relation to the stress of dealing with him, or if it was something more. Once I began treatment, I felt SO much better.

    Take care. 🙂


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