One Month

This little missy is somehow already a month old!

After that interminable pregnancy, I wonder how the time flew with her in my arms.  Maya is so completely different from Greg that I stopped comparing within a week.  She sleeps a lot and drinks at leisure, with pauses and stops which drive me crazy.  She’s growing oh so quickly that the newborn stuff will be packed away within a week.  She doesn’t like feeling dirty and cries like a maniac till she is clean.  So much so that where as Greg used to have a weekly bath and sponging everyday, Maya takes a bath every 3 days.

When awake she wants to be on someone and participate in this new world of hers.  Enjoys being weared around and sleeps heavenly like that.  And frankly, I still got no idea how to fit her in and give her the attention she deserves  and that I am missing right now.  However on the bright side of things, its all getting easier to deal with and so believe the solution is very soon coming.


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