homeschooling & more graces

Yesterday, I decided to finally start the homeschooling for real. – i.e. a more structured homeschooling since what we were doing was random things that teach and nothing much.  However, I am finding Greg getting bored quite quickly with everything and since Maya’s conception, this is were I feel well enough and energetic enough to get into a good rythm again. 

I think he might be ready to learn the alphabet and so we will do a letter every week starting with the letters that make up his name.  Everyday we will read a book that is also connected to the letter, find the letter among many others and learn which words begin with said letter.  Plus once weekly we do a craft e.g. build a car when its the letter C.

Apart for that keeping up a better schedule (that is still dictated according to Greg’s wish) for circle time where we sing with movement (e.g. if you’re happy and you know it..), story time one with books and the other with puppets, time outside rain or shine and drawing on our drawing book and of course free play.  Today, I tried it unintentionally and it worked perfectly.  Greg was more happy and relaxed and so was I as had time for both my kids.  So this is grace no. 75!

and here is a continued updated of God’s graces to us:

73. little helping hands
74. warm clothes on cold windy days
75. ideas that help all the family grow
76. being more aware of my emotions and controlling them better
77. playschool
78. extra helpful family members
79. understanding where I am and where I’d like to go
80. Maya’s first smiles
81. bottles and breast pumps
82. a husband that finds you sexy when you dont feel it yourself


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