Maya’s Baptism

Maya’s day was oh soooooo different from Gregory’s.  Let’s start with the fact that we had a full ceremony including mass (with Greg we just did the ceremony).  Let’s continue by saying that with Gregory although we only did the ceremony which lasted approx 30 mins max, by the time half of it was over he was howling like a banshee as he was tired, hungry and had a dirty diaper.  This resulted in simply 2 photos of the occassion with not one which came looking good!

Fast forward 2 years….we have the full ceremony with mass and Maya is quiet all the way through.  She is tired and tried to sleep but due to noise didn’t manage.  However she still smiles and waits patiently for the thousand photos we took (even I got fed up in the end).

It was a beautiful ceremony I have to admit and am happy we did it the proper way this time.  I loved the way she was dressed in my father’s own Baptism dress.  I loved the names her Godparents chose and I loved having the family around.  Thank you for making this day- mother’s day- so wonderful!

with my parents

the cake- my creation and so proud of it.  Teddy bear on top gift from my sister.

gorgeous smile of Maya Abigail Nicola Danielle

my beautiful family

trying to hold his sister

being Baptised

one of my favourites!

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