Good- truly good

We started going to Mass twice a week.
I am becoming involved in a coalition for better births here locally.  I am pretty excited about it and can’t wait to meet up with everyone and have us all public.
Gregory is using the toilet sometimes and once in a blue moon the potty.  Most of the time he still prefers the nappy or doing it on the floor!
Maya started on solids and you can see her joy when we present her with said food rather than just plain old mama milk.
Gregory has some teeth coming out and for the past 2 weeks resumed sleeping in our bed.  A setback which I am fine with however as I know it is just a phase due to teeth and new developments.
His ventures to stop the nappy and his weaning from the breast are happening together – both according to his wishes and a few pushes from us here and there.  So the feeling of insecurity that is manifesting itself is quite appropiate and letting him snuggle up to us gives us all a good nights’ sleep.
Maya is getting frustrated she can’t be mobile and that means we might soon have her crawling all over the place- a nice new phase to look forward to.

It is all good.  Sometimes tiring.  Sometimes frustrating.  But it is all good!


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