Nurturing the home

Young children and toddlers need to be at home.

At home we can take life slowly, nurture them and teach them.  So even if I plan activities for most mornings I make sure we are home in the afternoon.  Sometimes, We’d have something planned and I would be looking forward to it (like a visit to my parents and grandmother) but my son tells me he wants to stay home.  And I do!  It is hard to take his lead at times and sometimes we can’t of course but whenever possible even if it is against my deepest wishes I do because he knows what he needs.

If we really look carefully at our home, we can expand our love to it and our family by simple movements. 

  • Instead of cleaning in a single day spread it over the week so your child can help out – this is something I am starting myself just now.  It will teach responsibility, love and care
  • When cooking get them to help in peeling, washing, setting up the table.  This to will teach them on love and responsibility as well as helping each other.
  • Folding the laundry can be done with the kids helping putting them away- later you might need to go around again and fold again but your child is happy, you are telling him that you believe in him and nurturing confidence.
  • When shopping let them help putting things in the trolley, bags and at home put them out of bags and/or correct shelving

Young children need not simply know how to clear up their toys, they can help in every aspect of the house EVEN if they do not do it properly and later when the child is doing something else you do it yourself correctly.  Children do enjoy helping out and learning from the home is a blissful experience to them and you!


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