We went for our first family holiday to Gozo.  We had a grand time!

The penthouse we had rented had a large terrace commanding a 360 seaview and you could also see the sea from the bedroom.

our penthouse

 Just outside our apartment we had the playing ground which Gregory enjoyed using whenever we went outside.

 And of course the sea was all around us and we just picked a spot we liked and dipped into it.

isn’t that a cheeky look?

The only thing that wasn’t to our liking: the penthouse was on the 5th floor and no lift!(still I feel it was worth the hassle).

here is the proof that 5 floors can be too many!

 And here are some other random pics from our holiday!

smiling at daddy

Gregory explaining his intent student the use of armbands

trying to stand up alone and nearly getting there

exploring Calypso Cave

sibling fun

contemplating the sea

flying the kite….well trying to!

me and my mam


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