the potty adventures

As you have read here, we began potty training me and Gregory.

Nearly two months have passed since then and the progress is significant.  In fact we have taken the past few days the step were apart for night time no nappy is used on Gregory.  Today, we also had another first where I took him out on an errand with the big boy pants only – it was a success in many ways.

I am still the spectator that cheers and helps and encourages.  Being so also made me realize a couple of things:

  • I’ve had people tell me that they would have left their child for 5 mins or more on the potty in the hope that they use it.  Children whom as grown ups sometimes seem not to know if they actually need to use the  bathroom.  This led me to the conclusion that this method would have led my son to doubt his urges and feelings
  • Why this need to hurry potty training to preferably a day or two? Like the child had to take his time to learn to walk, so again is potty training and this leads to harmony at home and more love and connection between the parents and children.

And after all this, all I can say is that Greg started telling us when he needs to wee and most of the time holding it long enough to go to the potty or training seat.  In fact today while at the library he told me such and at first I feared he peed himself but he hadn’t so we rushed out to the bathrooms and I had a happy, proud boy by my side!  I actually felt bad I doubted my son for that split second.

So the nos have dwindled to near zero and the actual going and making is happening all the time.  Pooing is still a problem but if a month made such a difference I have no worries at all.  I still congratulate him whenever he uses the potty or seat and encourage him and remind him to let me know if he needs to go but most of the time he asks himself and that is a great achievement.


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